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Clinical Trial Validation Services

A recent federal ruling supports the transparency of all clinical trial data. Advent provides independent clinical validation review services in support of medical and drug clinical trials. Use Advent’s team of clinical review experts to confirm the findings of your study with professional validation to improve the reliability and transparency of independent conclusions.

Concerned about the clinical competence or independence of your CRO?

Clinical data are the basis for which we improve the body of medical knowledge and make decisions on how to optimize care and outcomes. As such, data used in clinical studies must hold to the highest standard of accuracy, reliability, and validity. There are often significant pressures surrounding development and execution of clinical studies which may undermine the reliability of findings. This makes it absolutely critical to maintain a high standard for objectivity and independence in study execution.

Advent provides independent validation of clinical data and databases used in clinical trials and drug studies. By working with Contract Research Organization (CROs) or study sponsors, this invaluable service supplements the design of any study by confirming the validity of initial findings as an independent third-party organization. These services can be used to confirm initial study data, validate data collected from clinical sources such as Electronic Health Records, or confirm accurate data entry. Advent’s team of experienced clinical reviewers and coders averages over 30 years of healthcare experience, so your organization can be confident that Advent’s review will be reliable and objective.

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