Independent Auditor (IA) Validation

Advent offers IA Validation services to verify that all issues found during a CMS program audit have been corrected.

If your organization’s Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan has received a corrective action request from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), you are now required to hire an independent auditor to validate the outcomes of your Corrective Action Plan

Advent Advisory Group has the expertise to evaluate your corrections and compliance with the CMS requirement in all areas under the scope of the program audit, including enrollment, pharmacy benefit manager operations and management, grievances, coverage determinations, appeals, claims processing and contract compliance.

Advent’s Independent Auditor (IA) Validation team will:

  • Review the CMS findings on areas of deficiencies
  • Coordinate with CMS on developing an approved work plan and validation approach
  • Review a records sample for each area of deficiency to ensure compliance
  • Provide a validation report to CMS

Why you should choose Advent to validate your
Corrective Action Plan

Advent is a recognized industry leader in performing Medicare compliance and CMS Program Audits nationwide, and fully meets CMS requirements for IA Validation firms.

  • Our IA Validation team has extensive subject matter expertise in Medicare Part C and D as well as compliance reviews.
  • We have been conducting Medicare Data Validation reviews since CMS first required audited data in this area in 2011.
  • We have audited thousands of measure submissions for Medicare Advantage Organizations, Prescription Drug Plans, Employer Group Part D Plans and Medicare-Medicaid Plans nationwide.
  • We are an NCQA-licensed Compliance Audit Organization, which attests to our data validation experience, firm commitment to audit best practices and strict adherence to the highest standards of professional responsibility, codes of conduct, organizational independence, and data security and privacy.

At Advent, we’ve built our business by anticipating client needs and delivering customized audit solutions to meet emerging reporting challenges. If deficiencies were found in your full or partial program audit and an Independent Validation Audit is required, contact Advent Advisory Group through the “request a proposal” box above or contact 877.237.0190.