Medicare Data Validation (MDV) Pre-Assessment Consulting

Advent helps Part C and Part D plans prepare for CMS Part C and Part D reporting and to achieve the best results in the annual audit.

Get ready for CMS Medicare Part C and Part D Measure Reporting

Early preparation is one of the main keys to accurate CMS reporting and achieving a successful Medicare Data Validation (MDV) audit.

Advent will provide MDV Pre-Assessment consulting services for any plan that does not currently utilize Advent as their DV auditor. We leverage our foundational experience auditing Part C and Part D measure submissions to help ensure your organization is ready prior to the annual CMS Data Validation (DV) cycle.  We offer a full range of service from full census review (including compliance at the individual data element record level), methodology review (programming) to source data review.

Before you report to CMS in early 2020 and undergo the DV audit that begins on April 1st, Advent’s team of technical experts will help you:

  • Align your organization’s measure data collection, processing, and data aggregation with changes to CMS reporting standards and technical specifications for the relevant measurement year, with a special focus on the two CMS Star Ratings measures – Medication Management Therapy Program (MTMP) and Special Needs Plan (SNP) Care Management
  • Identify issues with processes, procedures and information systems used to store, compile and report Part C and Part D data
  • Develop action plans to correct deficiencies in internal data, systems, and reporting processes prior to required reporting to CMS and the annual audit
  • Confidently proceed with your annual DV audit and achieve the best outcome
  • Identify of areas of risk including processes and reporting that may not align with CMS Medicare Advantage and/ or Prescription Drug Benefit Programs and remediate them prior to the DV audit.

Advent is fully qualified to perform your MDV Pre-Assessment audit

Advent Advisory Group fully meets all CMS qualifications, credentials and resource requirements as defined in the CMS Data Validation Contractor Manual – Appendix A: Standards for Selecting a Data Validation Contractor.

Advent is also an NCQA-licensed HEDIS® Compliance Organization, which certifies our data validation experience, firm commitment to audit best practices and strict adherence to the highest standards of professional responsibility, codes of conduct, organizational independence, and data security and privacy.

We’re building on a proud legacy of innovation

We’ve built our business by anticipating changes in how health plan performance is measured and validated, and by leveraging our deep expertise to deliver customized audit and consulting solutions that help clients meet emerging reporting challenges.

Our growing MDV Pre-Assessment consulting service is yet another example of how Advent continues to innovate and help health plans achieve accurate measure reporting to CMS and meet business-critical performance goals.