CMS Medicare Data Validation (MDV) Audit

Advent has conducted Medicare Part C and Part D audits since the beginning of the audit program, and exceeds CMS’ data validation contractor standards.  Each year, Advent performs over 20% of all Medicare Part C and D data validation audits nationally.

Reflecting the Highest Level of Audit Experience

A CMS- recognized audit organization with over  25 years of Medicare experience, Advent has the credentials, qualifications, and resources to help your organization fulfill the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Part C and Part D reporting requirements. Our cross-functional team of client managers, programmers, and data analysis experts provides independent Medicare data validation reviews for both new and experienced Medicare plans throughout the country.  Advent’s MDV data-driven audit program focuses on simplifying complex CMS reporting and audit processes with an emphasis on the measures which are part of the Medicare 5-Star program.

Advent has been conducting Medicare Part C and Part D audits since the first year CMS required data validation.

Our clients include Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAO), Special Needs Plans (SNP), Prescription Drug Plans (PDP), Employer Group Part D Plans, and Medicare-Medicaid Plans (MMP).