California Provider Appointment Access Survey (PAAS) Validation

Advent helps you meet California’s requirement to validate the accuracy of  Provider Appointment Access Survey (PAAS) results and corresponding Timely Access Compliance Reports submitted to the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC).

All full-service and behavioral health plans now required to hire an independent data validator to ensure the accuracy and completeness of timely access compliance data

In an All Plan Letter first issued on February 13, 2017, the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) announced a new requirement that all health plans must hire an external vendor to validate the health plan’s 2016 Timely Access data and to conduct a quality assurance review of the plan’s Timely Access Compliance Report prior to submission to DMHC.

This year, each health plan must secure an agreement with an external validation vendor to ensure submission of the plan’s Timely Access Compliance Report no later than March 31, 2019 for a Measurement Year 2018 report submission.

Why choose Advent to validate your DMHC Timely Access Report

Efficient, client-centered audit program

Advent’s customized audit approach will begin with early discovery of client-specific Focus Areas identified with your 2018 report to ensure your organization has sound capabilities for processing required data and a strong foundation for accurate reporting in compliance with the DMHC survey methodology.

Your client manager and their analyst team will work quickly and collaboratively with you to develop a client-specific Timely Access Report Validation Work Plan that transforms the complicated, resource-intensive process of compliance rate calculation and report production into a streamlined process to increase audit efficiency, decrease operational burden and ensure the most accurate results.

To help you meet the tight audit timeframe, Advent will provide Core Client Support Services that provide continuous updates and education, including:

  • Clarification and assessment of changes to DMHC methodology and reporting requirements
  • Real-time alerts impacting current DMHC reporting
  • And more

Our proven approach, consistent results, and personalized attention and client support are why 100% of our clients say they are “very” satisfied with our services and would wholly recommend us to others.

Industry-leading experience

As a licensed compliance organization, Advent is a recognized leader in providing audit and measure certification services to health service plans nationwide.

We have extensive experience with California health plans and state reporting requirements, include California AMP auditing. Our experience with health plans is unsurpassed. In 2018 we partnered with more than 80 health plan clients and audited over 475 HEDIS® and MDV submissions. Every 2018 submission was delivered on time.  In addition, we conducted PAAS validation reviews for over half of California plans required to submit Timely Access Reports.

Request a price quote or statement of work for a 2019 DMHC Timely Access Report Validation

At Advent, we’ve built our business by anticipating and quickly responding to meet client needs and delivering customized audit solutions to meet emerging reporting challenges. If you are required to undergo a PAAS validation, please contact Advent Advisory Group through the form above or contact Heather Case at