Electronic Clinical Data Validation (ECDV)

Advent Advisory Group is a recognized leader in helping organizations prepare for the digital reporting evolution. Advent’s ECDV services evaluate the quality, accuracy, and completeness of electronic data files. We work with clients to ensure that electronic clinical data are valid, accurately extracted, and support quality reporting.

Electronic Clinical Data Validation

Can You Trust Your Electronic Clinical Data?

Electronic clinical data are used across countless vital functions by health care organizations. The quality and accuracy of electronic data are essential for an organization’s success in delivering health care, sharing clinical data, and reporting quality metrics to stakeholders. In the current state of our health care delivery system, Health Plans, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) have become gatekeepers of electronic clinical data, taking on the necessary and critical role of assessing data received from providers for quality prior to ingesting it into their systems.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems contain an abundance of clinical data, however the structure, configuration, and export formats vary widely across provider groups. Additionally, providers have little control over the functions of the EHR to support seamless data sharing. As a result, organizations receiving EHR data spend their limited resources ensuring the data are valid and will meet their needs.

Advent’s ECDV services assist organizations in assessing the quality and completeness of EHR data to support quality reporting. Our comprehensive approach includes point of service validation (primary source verification/PSV), data gap analysis, and an assessment of the usefulness for your targeted quality metrics so that you can make informed decisions about data sources, and which will provide the most meaningful outcomes, before loading into your warehouse. Organizations large and small can benefit from ECDV to ensure the data meet audit standards and will actually contribute to the desired metrics.

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